Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Midnight Generation and India’s Tryst with Freedom

[...]‘Midnight’s Children’ to refer to those who were born to breathe in Free but Partitioned India. These children, who would be joining the ranks of the senior citizens tonight, could be considered to belong a special category – hopefully, not carrying too heavy an emotional baggage of the horrors visited on their families and friends during Partition. [...]

Summoning and stretching my memory as far back as possible and plunging deeper into the misty impressions and images of my early childhood – I was shy of four years, to be precise – I can recall how fear, anxiety and disgust had filled the atmosphere of my small village [...]

(Library being divided at the time of partition)

[...]India has been indeed the largest laboratory of mankind. The terms like ‘Green Revolution’ and ‘White Revolution’ underline the success stories in areas of agriculture and milk production.[...]

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