Friday, July 31, 2015

Missile Man - No more! May he rest in eternal peace

The finest product of the Syncretistic Culture of India.

I had firstly heard of Dr APJ Abdul Kalam some time in 1981 from my school time friend Dr CR Jagga who had then joined the Dept. of Chemistry, IIT Delhi.

After listening to Dr Kalam at some conference,  Dr Jagga was enthusiastically talking to me about this amazingly simple soul scientist - with a saintly serenity and a total dedication to his mission of  missile technology...

Dr Jagga - then 36+ had been simply mesmerised by an 'indefinable' magnetic charm of this 'gentleness personified' magician!

I had the privilege of 'Darshan' of this Maharishi of Vigyan from close proximity at the Republic Day reception in honour of President Putin in 2007.

At that reception I had also been privileged to talk to Marshal of Air Force Arjan Singh. Marshal had called his wife to talk to me when I had said, "Sir, on meeting you I feel as if I have met an incarnation of Arjuna of Mahabharat!"

I was also delighted to meet former Olympic hockey captain Zafar Iqbal & Swami Agnivesh the reception.

Long live an India of Kalam, Arjan, Zafar & Agnivesh !

I am glad that my letters of credentials as High Commissioner to Kiribati & Samoa - while resident in New Zealand - had been issued under President Kalam's signature.

I have the pleasure to attach a copy of the document

Salam to Kalam of India !!!
Credentials signed by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam
Credentials signed by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

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